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A Team of experts in Education, Software Development, Online Education, Instructional Design, Engineering, Science, and latest Technologies.

Having worked in the field of Information Technology, and being a mother, it is my belief that education should be affordable and no child should be left behind. With a demand for smart devices, artificial intelligence, robotics, data mining, engineering, coding, etc. our kids should get hands-on experience at their early age to create foundation and interest just like we do for other subjects of arts, history, language, music, and sports. With current situation from Covid-19, there has been a buzz and push for online education; however, simply enrolling kids into such self-paced programs, in my opinion, doesn’t necessarily create a substitute for in-person education.

Certain subjects in Science and Technology could be taught in a Blended approach: Online self-paced interactive and engaging tutorials “paired with live” Virtual or In-person instructor. This approach provides students a connection with human instructor, a sense of responsibility to study along with other fellow (virtual) classmates; additionally,  having access to online step-by-step tutorials enables students to revise, repeat, and reflect on their own work to make gradual progression in their learning.

I am fortunate to have experience of working for the Fortune 500 companies, and volunteering at public libraries, women welfare, and education for kids. Being connected with experts in Education, Science, Technology, and Engineering, we have created MySTEM Organization with a hope to make positive contribution in educating kids in STEM, and playing our part to make this world a better place.

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Kin [Keennary]